Introducing Calvin’s International Online Cohort

Your world has been radically shaped by the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your future on hold.

Starting in September, Calvin University is offering a package of online courses for students who live internationally that will begin your education on the right foot. Guided by Calvin’s outstanding, Christian professors, these courses will energize your thinking, introduce you to a network of new classmates, and earn you university credits this fall.

Best of all, these courses will provide a pathway so you can join us on campus as soon as you are able.


Calvin’s International Online Cohort can work for you

Start this fall.
You’ll start your first semester by taking three or four online classes, taught in eight-week terms. You’ll earn 12–15 credits over the course of the semester, which is considered a full time load for university students.

Join other curious learners.
Meet new Calvin students from different time zones, families, cultures, and talents. The best part of joining the Calvin International Online Cohort might be what you learn from each other.

Earn credit. Gain confidence.
Each online course earns you credit toward graduation, so you’ll be making progress towards your university degree. To help you succeed, a student success specialist will contact you regularly to ensure that you have access to resource materials and support systems that will help you be successful in transitioning to the North American educational system.

Arrive on campus.
We can’t wait to welcome you to campus in person, but we can be patient. When you do arrive, you’ll have the confidence of knowing you’ve already succeeded in your first Calvin classes. And you’ll have a ready-made cohort of friends.


Start with these foundational courses:

Fall 2020 Online CoursesCredit
First Year Seminar1
Academic Transitions1
English Rhetoric3
World History3
optional: add a course specific to your major or general studies*
Total credits earned:12–15*
*Add a course specific to your major or general studies:
+Natural Sciences

Check out these courses in the university catalog.


The details

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Tuition: Calvin’s International Online Cohort is offered at a rate of $542 per credit. This is a reduced rate so in most cases financial aid is not available. If you have questions, please contact the financial aid office at
Deposit: An enrollment deposit ($2,500 for international students; $300 for American citizens) is due by July 15. This deposit will secure your place in the Cohort, and will be applied to your tuition and fees.
Room and Board: For students joining the online, remote cohort, you will not pay room and board for the fall semester.
Tell us your plans by July 15.
Classes start in September and conclude in November.
On campus arrival to follow in January, or the next semester you are able.
About which courses you should take: contact Thea Brophy at
About your admission to the online cohort: contact your international admissions counselor at
About costs and aid: contact the financial aid office at


Join the Calvin International Online Cohort today!