Fridays at Calvin

Students walking towards the Chapel patio.

“Yeah, this feels like home.” That’s what we hear again and again on Fridays. And we can’t wait for you to experience that feeling too.

Fridays at Calvin is where you’ll truly discover Calvin—meet students and profs, worship in chapel, and explore our beautiful campus.

Fridays at Calvin Plus is an extended-stay opportunity. You’ll get the full Fridays at Calvin experience, plus you’ll have the option to stay overnight in the dorms.

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Mondays at Calvin
Can’t make a Fridays date work—but still want that full visit experience? See if one of the dates above will work for you. Mondays at Calvin offers the chance to visit on a national holiday.



Browse Calvin’s visit programs or contact us at (616) 526-6106 to schedule a day that works best for you.


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